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About Us

scott leonora

MAGAPAC was founded by Scott Adams and Leonora Cravotta. Scott is currently the Owner & General Manager of Red State Talk Radio and host of the nationally syndicated Scott Adams Show, a political radio talk show co-hosted with Leonora that airs live each and every morning at 8AM EST. Mr. Adams’ professional background includes over 25 years as an entrepreneur working within various Information Technology markets and as an internet pioneer. He holds a B.S. in Political Science and Marketing from Old Dominion University. His focus on conservative politics includes a passion to promote smaller government, end government corruption, and shine a spotlight on media bias in our mainstream media. Mr. Adams passions in addition to politics and technology include group road cycling, sea kayaking, downhill skiing, and collegiate and international freestyle wrestling. Mr. Adams is available for speaking engagements focused on foreign policy, Middle East strategy, election strategy, domestic policy, and social justice issues. Leonora is director of operations with The American Conservative. Leonora’s diverse background includes ten years with JPMorgan Chase and TD Bank where she held various VP level marketing and product development positions. She has also previously served as director of development for several non-profit organizations. Leonora received a BA in English/French from Denison University, an MA in English from the University of Kentucky and an MBA in Marketing from Fordham University. A native of Northern NJ, Leonora currently resides in Arlington, Virginia. Both Leonora and Scott have been involved with both DC and Philly politics.

In The News

GOP Rep. Biggs: Biden Should Be Impeached

On Tuesday on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) suggested impeaching President Joe Biden for his administration’s reluctance to enforce immigration law was warranted given the impact it had on the country.

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Watch: Trudeau Admits He Is “Banning” Guns

Watch: Trudeau Admits He Is “Banning” Guns Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, In a telling slip of the tongue during a press conference in Toronto Tuesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted that he is “banning” firearms. Trudeau started off by saying that he is intent on “freezing” the Canadian gun market while not distinguishing between handguns, shotguns and rifles. He then admitted that his government would look at “banning” all guns. Trudeau said “Whether it’s our most recent initiatives on banning—sorry, on freezing the market for firearms, which will start moving us in the right direction over the medium and long term.” Watch: Trudeau slips up, accidentally says he is “banning” firearms in Canada. He then corrects himself and says the government is “freezing” sales. pic.twitter.com/s4kS63HxsT — The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) July 5, 2022 A little over a month ago, following the school shooting in Texas, Trudeau proposed freezing pistol sales in Canada as part of new gun control legislation. “The day this legislation goes into effect it will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns in Canada,” Trudeau told reporters. The announcement prompted a rush on gun sales with Canadian gun stores dealing with lines out the door. *  *  * Brand new merch now available! Get it at https://www.pjwshop.com/ In the age of mass Silicon Valley censorship It is crucial that we stay in touch. We need you to sign up for our free newsletter here. Support our sponsor – Turbo Force – a supercharged boost of clean energy without the comedown. Also, we urgently need your financial support here. Tyler Durden Wed, 07/06/2022 – 13:46

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