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About Us

scott leonora

MAGAPAC was founded by Scott Adams and Leonora Cravotta. Scott is currently the Owner & General Manager of Red State Talk Radio and host of the nationally syndicated Scott Adams Show, a political radio talk show co-hosted with Leonora that airs live each and every morning at 8AM EST. Mr. Adams’ professional background includes over 25 years as an entrepreneur working within various Information Technology markets and as an internet pioneer. He holds a B.S. in Political Science and Marketing from Old Dominion University. His focus on conservative politics includes a passion to promote smaller government, end government corruption, and shine a spotlight on media bias in our mainstream media. Mr. Adams passions in addition to politics and technology include group road cycling, sea kayaking, downhill skiing, and collegiate and international freestyle wrestling. Mr. Adams is available for speaking engagements focused on foreign policy, Middle East strategy, election strategy, domestic policy, and social justice issues. Leonora is director of operations with The American Conservative. Leonora’s diverse background includes ten years with JPMorgan Chase and TD Bank where she held various VP level marketing and product development positions. She has also previously served as director of development for several non-profit organizations. Leonora received a BA in English/French from Denison University, an MA in English from the University of Kentucky and an MBA in Marketing from Fordham University. A native of Northern NJ, Leonora currently resides in Arlington, Virginia. Both Leonora and Scott have been involved with both DC and Philly politics.

In The News


Woman with Ukrainian flag kicked out of tennis match between Russian players

A woman draped in the Ukrainian flag was removed from a Cincinnati tennis match between two Russian players earlier this week. The fan, who gave her name only as Lola, told local news that she was simply attending the match while wearing the flag when the chair umpire got down and spoke to her. “ ‘You’re not being nice. You need to put the flag away,’ ” she quoted the umpire as saying in an interview with local CBS affiliate WKRC. “The message I got was that it (was) agitating Russian players. I said, ‘I’m not putting it away.’ They kept playing for a minute or two. Then, they stopped the game again, and then the security guard came up to me and said, ‘Ma’am, I’m going to call the cops if you won’t leave.’ ” Though she felt the request was outrageous, Lola didn’t want to cause a scene and walked away, according to Racquet magazine. “It’s not nice to invade a country,” she noted. The qualifying match on Sunday between Anastasia Potapova and Anna Kalinskaya continued without another incident. Kalinskaya won 7-5, 6-1. Tournament organizers at the Western & Southern Open said Lola was kicked out because her flag was too big. Veteran tennis reporter Ben Rothenberg said that was an absurd excuse. “Anyone who has been to #CincyTennis will know that there have been similarly sized flags happily waved and displayed around the stadia here for years, most often U.S. and Serbian flags,” he tweeted. “This is not a policy that has ever been enforced with any regularity.” The WTA has not publicly commented on the incident. ___ © 2022 New York Daily News Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC

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Futures Plunge, Yields Roar Higher As Bear-Market Rally Slams Brick Wall On $2.1 Trillion Op-Ex

Futures Plunge, Yields Roar Higher As Bear-Market Rally Slams Brick Wall On $2.1 Trillion Op-Ex The combination of plunging bitcoin prices, the (latest) bursting of the meme bubble courtesy of Ryan Cohen’s historic pump and dump, rising Fed warnings that another 75bps rate hike is coming amid fears next week’s Jackson Hole meeting will be a hawkano, rising oil prices and TSY yields at the highest level in a month, and mix it all in on a day when there is absolutely no liquidity (one day after the lowest volume of the year) as $2.1 trillion in options expire… … and you get a perfect storm that has sent futures tumbling 40 points or 0.93%, but another confirmation that BofA’s Michael Hartnett is the best strategist on Wall Street (while his peers are nothing more than broken records). Nasdaq 100 futures slumped 1.2% by 7.30 a.m. in New York as the yield on the 10-year Treasury climbed about 5 basis points to 2.95%, the highest level in one month amid divergent signals from Fed officials over the size of the next interest-rate hike. The tech-heavy index is set to end the week lower after four weeks of gains; the Nasdaq 100 underperformed this week in the face of rising bond yields as higher rates weigh on the present value of future profits, hurting growth stocks with the highest valuations. The dollar headed for the biggest weekly rally since June 2021 and bitcoin plunged by $2,000 overnight, crashing below $21,500. In premarket trading, Bed Bath & Beyond shares crashed 45%, after plunging more than 20% during the regular session, after top investor Ryan Cohen pulled the biggest pump and dump in history. Cryptocurrency-exposed stocks like Coinbase and Riot Blockchain also slid amid a broad selloff across digital tokens.  Coinbase (COIN US) fell 7%, Marathon

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South Korean President Yoon proposes ‘audacious’ road map for North Korea’s denuclearization

South Korea’s president on Monday proposed an “audacious initiative” to provide economic compensation in return for North Korea’s “substantive process for denuclearization.” President Yoon Suk-yeol reiterated the significance and legitimacy of achieving North Korea’s denuclearization in his speech marking Korea’s 77th National Liberation Day on Aug. 15. “Peace on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia is an important prerequisite for world peace and serves as the foundation for protecting and expanding our freedom and that of global citizens,” Yoon said in the speech in Korean. “North Korea’s denuclearization is essential for sustainable peace on the Korean Peninsula, in Northeast Asia and around the world.” Audacious plan toward denuclearization In the speech, Yoon laid out his road map to achieve North Korea’s denuclearization, which he had first unveiled in his inauguration remarks on May 10. The South Korean president made an official proposal to North Korea. “Here I propose an audacious initiative that envisions significantly improving North Korea’s economy and its people’s livelihood in stages if North Korea halts the nuclear development and shifts to substantive process for denuclearization,” Yoon said. Yoon suggested a list of economic compensation that South Korea would offer in return for North Korea taking substantive measures toward denuclearization. The economic incentives include providing large-scale food aid and assistance for power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure and implementing projects to modernize ports and airports for international trade. Yoon also offered to provide technical support programs to enhance agricultural productivity in North Korea, assist the modernization of hospitals and medical infrastructure and implement programs on international investment and financial support. Resource-food exchange program The audacious initiative is a “bold proposal in the sense that it envisions proactively coming up with economic support measures in the early stage of negotiations if North Korea comes to denuclearization negotiations with sincerity,” Kim Tae-hyo, a deputy presidential national security adviser, told a press briefing following the speech. The economic compensation includes a program for exchanging South Korea’s food supplies for North Korean resources such as minerals,

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