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Equal Justice

civil liberties 460We support the protection of our civil liberties under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We have a particular focus on the First Amendment which embodies the liberty of free expression through speech and the media, freedom of religious belief and practice, freedom of political belief,  and the right for peaceful assembly to appeal to the government to modify policies and eradicate injustices.

We support the Second Amendment which protects our right to keep and bear arms and the Fourth Amendment which prevents the government from unreasonable search and seizure of our individual property.

While we acknowledge the equal protection clause under the 14th amendment which provides access to free public elementary and secondary school education for all US citizens and legal residents, we are also proponents of school choice which grants parents the ability to select the best educational option for their children including traditional public, public charter, parochial, private or home school.

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Vaccine Injury Support Groups Facing ‘Disgusting’ Online Censorship

Nick started a public vaccine injury support group on social media about a year ago after receiving his one and only Pfizer shot for COVID-19. That was back in April 2021 and he began suffering almost immediate neurological reactions after the injection, including temporary paralysis. “I’ve had my entire life shattered by this vaccine,” Nick said, asking that his last name not be used. “It took me about nine months to get to a doctor willing to help me. They throw you under the bus. They leave you for dead.” Nick launched the vaccine injury support group hoping to find answers and share practical solutions to help others like himself deal with lasting physical effects associated with COVID injections….

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Los Angeles City Atty. Mike Feuer Attacks Free Speech on Abortion

Commentary Now the First Amendment is under attack as collateral from America’s abortion wars. Los Angeles City Atty. Mike Feuer wants to ban the pro-life clinics that try to talk pregnant women out of having abortions. He is proposing an ordinance (pdf) that would add to the Municipal Code “the prohibition of misleading advertising by a pregnancy services center within the City of Los Angeles.” Under “Prohibited Activities,” it specifically stipulates, “It is unlawful for any Pregnancy Services Center to make an advertising statement that a reasonable consumer would believe indicates that the Pregnancy Services Center provides Abortion Care, Emergency Contraception, Prenatal Care, or any other Pregnancy-Related Service, despite the Pregnancy Services Center not providing that service, or not make a timely referral to a qualified service provider,” etc….

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