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Election Integrity

election integrity 460We believe in a free and fair election system with checks and balances to identify and remove corruption. We view the American voter as endowed with the liberty to alert the government, the media and the broader community of any perceived malfeasance without retaliation

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E Pluribus Unum: The Supreme Court Continues To Defy And Debunk Its Critics

E Pluribus Unum: The Supreme Court Continues To Defy And Debunk Its Critics Authored by Jonathan Turley, Below is my column in USA Today on the remarkably united and non-ideological line of cases handed down by the Supreme Court.  As Democratic leaders demand to pack the Court to create a liberal majority, the Court itself appears to be speaking through these cases. Here is the column: The Supreme Court has finally handed down two of the five “blockbuster” opinions of this term with rulings on the Affordable Care Act and religious rights. The most striking aspect of the decisions was the absence of ideological divisions. Indeed, the case on religious rights is yet another unanimous decision from a Court that President Joe Biden has declared “out of whack” and Democratic leaders have declared hopelessly divided along ideological lines. This week represented the final collapse of the false narrative that has been endlessly repeated like a mantra in Congress and the media. When it comes to health care, the ACA has long been in the position of Mark Twain who insisted that his death has been “greatly exaggerated.” During the circus-like confirmation hearing of Amy Coney Barrett, Democratic senators surrounded the room with giant pictures of people who would lose their health care due to her nomination. Various senators and legal analysts insisted that Barrett was obviously selected to kill the ACA.Democratic senators pummeled Barrett with stories of people who may die as a result of her nomination and portrayed her as a craven, heartless ideologue selected to take away health care for millions. It was not a matter of whether but when according to members like Sen. Mazie K. Hirono (D., HI) who declared she would vote against Barrett because “she will vote to strike down the Affordable Care Act.” False narrative smears Barrett At the time, I objected that the narrative was wildly off-base and that there was little chance that the majority of the justices would

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