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Founded in February 2021 Buglecall is a 501 (c ) (3) charitable organization with a mission to advance American exceptionalism by championing a civil society with a robust free market economy, a strong national security platform and a bedrock for the protection of individual liberties and the flourishing of families and communities. We deploy our mission through our conferences, events and educational radio and video programming.

MAGAPAC is dedicated to five primary strategic priorities.

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Former Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier Urges the European Union to Suspend Immigration for 3 to 5 Years

The following article, Former Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier Urges the European Union to Suspend Immigration for 3 to 5 Years, was first published on Big League Politics. Michel Barnier, a French politician who served as the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and as the European Union’s Brexit negotiator, has called for the EU to suspend immigration into EU member states for 3 to 5 years. He believes that the EU’s weak immigration policies have left it vulnerable to criminals and terrorists. “I think we have to take the time for three or five years to suspend immigration,” Barnier told French media. Barnier pointed to connections between immigration and “terrorist networks that infiltrate migrational flows” as part of his justification for his immigration moratorium proposal. He also called attention to human trafficking networks that a number of migrants exploit. What is remarkable about Barnier’s comments is that he is no right-winger. As Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News observed, “Barrier is known as a centrist – even a globalist in some ways.” Nevertheless, he is reciting talking points typically associated with the populist Right.  Barnier received inquiries about his comments and was pressed about them potentially contradicting his centrist image. To these questions, Barnier responded, “The problems of immigration are not moderate. I know, as the politician that I am, to see the problems how they are and how French people experience them and to find solutions.” Though Barnier stressed that these immigration controls will not affect refugees.  Barnier’s statements were not made randomly. They came at a time when active military personnel and retired generals warned that French President Emmanuel Macron’s policies are putting the country on the road to civil war. One major concern was the rise in Islamist seperatism taking place within France, which is the product of

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Outrage After Mob ‘Lynching Of Arab’ Aired Live On Israeli TV

Outrage After Mob ‘Lynching Of Arab’ Aired Live On Israeli TV Shocking footage emerged from Wednesday night’s widespread rioting in mixed Jewish-Arab cities in Israel amid broader Israel-Gaza fighitng. Israel state broadcaster Kan was covering unrest in Bat Yam, just south of Tel-Aviv, where Israeli rioters had taken over the streets. During the live broadcast, Kan’s camera crew and reporter picked up on what was essentially a ‘lynching’ in progress after a Palestinian man sped past Jewish protesters before crashing his vehicle, apparently trying to escape. He was quickly dragged from the car and what happened next was horrifying and graphic… לינץ’ בשידור חי בבת ים: צעירים יהודים תקפו באלימות קשה רוכב אופנוע, השוטרים לא היו בזירה | תיעוד@daniel_elazar #חדשותהערב pic.twitter.com/hBN0e8UrCW — כאן חדשות (@kann_news) May 12, 2021 The man was brutally beaten by some 20 people, including with metal objects, but thankfully survived after falling unconscious and being taken to the hospital. Police were reportedly very belatedly on the scene. “We are watching a lynching here,” the Kan anchorwoman said live on air as the camera zoomed in on the unconscious man. CNN detailed of the footage, “In Bat Yam, south of Jaffa, graphic video Wednesday night showed a Jewish right-wing mob trying to lynch an Arab driver. Police say the man was dragged from his car before the assault began. Video shows about 20 people hitting him with metal objects and kicking him in the head repeatedly. He was taken to hospital where his injuries were described by police as moderate.” Other reports say the man has had to undergo operations, with little actually confirmed about his current condition. The violent incident but especially that the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (Kan) aired the disturbing footage sparked outrage both domestically and internationally. Israelis and some Western press reports were quick to point out that elsewhere

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