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America First

america first400x400We subscribe to an America First foreign policy which is characterized by the belief in the strength and the character of the American people. It is not an isolationist policy but rather one which prioritizes the security and safety of American people and the sanctity of American laws, values and culture. We believe in treaties and tariffs which strengthen our diplomatic and economic prowess including a stronger NATO and USMCA, a peace through strength Middle East policy and a roster of alternative trade partners to China.

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Former Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Refutes ‘GOP Cancel Culture’ Talking Point Used by RINOs to Skirt Accountability

The following article, Former Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Refutes ‘GOP Cancel Culture’ Talking Point Used by RINOs to Skirt Accountability, was first published on Big League Politics. Former Trump Advisor Stephen Miller refuted the GOP cancel culture talking point that has been used by RINOs in a desperate attempt to avoid constituent accountability. “The phrase “cancel culture” is being grossly misused. Neither Boehner, Cantor nor Cheney are victims of cancel culture. Under this flawed reasoning, Jeb was a victim of cancel culture when he lost GOP primary. Political parties exist to represent the views of their voters,” Miller wrote in a tweet. “In fact, what happens next w/Cheney will demonstrate just how thoroughly cancel culture does not apply—she will have limitless access to financial resources, speaking gigs, corporate and media jobs, etc. So what is cancel culture? It’s the enforcement arm of woke politics,” he added. Unpopular politicians being rejected by their voters is not an example of cancel culture. Private individuals being targeted by an institutional left-wing conspiracy for expressing conservative viewpoints, however, is an example of cancel culture. “It’s the raw power of radicalized progressives—by either exerting actual control over institutions or simply extorting them—to cut-off access to capital, employment, communication networks & other crucial platforms for reaching audiences, solely for violating a woke tenet,” Miller wrote. “Careers have always been hurt for not understanding public sentiment or being ineffective. Cancel culture expunges people who…are very effective, talented or popular (think [actress Gina Carano]) but who are guilty of wrongthink & must be stopped from having an audience at all,” he added. Big League Politics has reported on RINOs whining about conservative cancel culture when they are held accountable for their mishaps: “South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem continues to dig her hole deeper after receiving widespread criticism for

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Government’s ‘Online Safety’ Bill Will Limit Free Speech, Lead To Massive ‘State-backed Censorship’ Warn Watchdogs

Free speech activists in the UK have warned that new government legislation aimed at social media companies is set to decimate free speech and bring in ‘state-backed censorship’ on an unprecedented scale. The ‘Online Safety’ Bill is being introduced with the justification of forcing big tech to be more accountable for ‘harmful’ content on their websites. However, activists have noted that it will could be used to remove any opinions and content that big tech or the state do not agree with, and could lead to more publishers being permanently banned from platforms. The legislation gives the government Office of Communications the power to issue fines of up to £18million or 10 per cent of their annual global turnover if that is higher, and to completely block access to platforms. Privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch has labelled the legislation “state-backed censorship and monitoring on a scale never seen before in a liberal democracy.” The Bill seeks to clamp down on any speech that risks “having, or indirectly having, a significant adverse physical or psychological impact on an adult”. This definition is overly broad. A law like this could easily result in the silencing of any speech deemed undesirable. — Big Brother Watch (@BigBrotherWatch) May 12, 2021 The Bill also threatens the right to have a private conversation online – making clear that messaging services will be in scope. We must fight this draconian legislation, protect our rights online and safeguard online speech. https://t.co/97Q8HJMclF — Big Brother Watch (@BigBrotherWatch) May 12, 2021 We’ll have much more analysis on this in the days and weeks to come. Here’s our statement in response to the #OnlineSafetyBill #OnlineHarms https://t.co/V6kESpGAZm — Big Brother Watch (@BigBrotherWatch) May 12, 2021 Another activist group. The Free Speech Union noted that the draft legislation effectively brings media created content on

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