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energy independence400x400Buglecall supports a free market economy with limited government intervention. We believe in an economy which rewards entrepreneurship and innovation, a simple tax system that encourages US corporate investment and incentivizes individual spending and long term saving. We believe in a workplace which reinforces and prioritizes the employment opportunities of US citizens and legal immigrants including the reinvigoration of the US manufacturing base. We value energy independence where coal and oil industries flourish while maintaining the pristine quality of our land, air and water.

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‘Libs Of TikTok’ Threatens To Sue Twitter Over New Suspension

‘Libs Of TikTok’ Threatens To Sue Twitter Over New Suspension Authored by Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Twitter temporarily suspended the popular Libs of TikTok account on Sept. 25, which boasts of around 1.4 million followers, accusing the account of propagating “hateful conduct policy.” In a blog post on Sept. 29, Libs of TikTok stated that Twitter had wrongly imposed a seven-day suspension as a result of a “targeted harassment campaign from the Left” to deplatform the account. “The truth is I haven’t engaged in hateful conduct. I’ve just exposed the Left’s depravity by reporting the facts. There’s no rule against that, so they have to make up violations I’ve never committed. But I’m not taking it lying down. I’ve vowed to sue Twitter if they permanently suspend me, and I meant it,” the post said. Libs of TikTok is run by former real estate worker Chaya Raichick. The post goes on to point out that a lawsuit against Twitter will be “extremely expensive” and that litigation could drag on for months and years. To support Libs of TikTok’s fight against Twitter, a legal fund has been established whereby donors can send tax-deductible donations to cover legal fees and other expenses involved in the lawsuit. The Twitter page of Libs of TikTok (LOTT) is currently accessible publicly. However, the last post on the account was made on Sept. 25. On Sept. 27, Envisage Law, which is representing Libs of TikTok, sent a letter to Vijaya Gadde, the head of legal, policy, and trust at Twitter, asking that the platform reinstate their client’s account. “Many Americans are tired of listening to your company talk the talk of free expression while walking the walk of censorship,” the letter said. “If Twitter refuses to live up to its own words and aspirations

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Watch: Yet Another Democrat Witness Claims Biological Men Can Have Pregnancies

Watch: Yet Another Democrat Witness Claims Biological Men Can Have Pregnancies Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, For the umpteenth time, a witness called to testify by Democrats during hearings on abortion laws claimed that biological men are capable of getting pregnant and giving birth. They’re the party of science! During a House Oversight Committee hearing Thursday, Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director for Primary and Trans Care (yep that’s a thing) made the claim. GOP rep Andrew Clyde asked Dr. Bhavik Kumar “So can biological men become pregnant and give birth?” to which Kumar replied “Men can have pregnancies, especially trans men.” Clyde followed up, “So, are you saying that a biological female who identifies as a man and therefore becomes pregnant is, quote, a man? Is that what you’re saying?” Kumar responded, “These questions about who can become pregnant are really missing the point, and I’m here to talk about what’s happening in Texas.” “This is me asking a question and you answering,” Clyde interjected, adding “I’m asking the question, sir, not you.” “Right, and I’m answering the question,” Kumar replied, further stating “Somebody with a uterus may have the capability of becoming pregnant whether they’re a woman or a man, that doesn’t make a difference.” “Ok, we’re done,” an exasperated Clyde responded adding “This isn’t complicated. Let me tell you: if a person has a uterus and is born female, they are a woman. That is not a man, and the vast majority of the world considers that to be a woman, because there are biological differences between men and women.” “I Can’t believe it’s necessary to say this, but men cannot get pregnant and cannot give birth regardless of how they identify themselves,” Clyde asserted, adding “Why in the world would Democrats bring in a person whose

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WATCH: Russell Brand Skewers MSM Censorship Hypocrisy in Epic Rant

Actor Russell Brand used to just be the guy that played the handsome, not particularly bright, funny guy in comedies and romantic comedies. A funny actor, but not necessarily someone you’d turn to for political advice. Well, in recent years he has reinvented himself, turning into a political philosopher and podcaster that doesn’t toe the line of right or left and actually has some insightful opinions and comments about what’s going on and wrong with modernity. Brand has become particularly notable for his savage attacks on certain aspects of the pandemic response, calling out what he sees as tyranny. Recently, Brand appeared on the Rubin Report to discuss “misinformation” and tear into the woke fact-checkers for their double standards when it comes to dealing with mainstream sources and independent sources like him. Specifically, Brand said, during his conversation with Rubin: “We have been officially censored by YouTube. They took down one of our videos for misinformation, but why are big media organizations not censored for misinformation in the same way? Is it because YouTube is part of the mainstream media now? “I’m interested in total, transparent communication, empowerment of the audience, symbiotic two-way conversation, and attacking the elite establishment, whether it’s corporate or state, so that ordinary people can communicate freely, beyond a limited remit of the mainstream media. “I don’t believe these institutionalized systems, at the level of the financial, governmental, or media world, are ever going to serve ordinary people. I believe we’re at a point of crisis and things need to radically change fast. We’re being penalized, and for me, that looks like censorship. And the reason I think it looks like censorship is because there’s mainstream media misinformation up all the time!” Watch Brand and Rubin discuss the matter here: As you can see in the

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