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Meet The Founder

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MAGAPAC Founder Scott Adams is currently the Owner & General Manager of Red State Talk Radio and host of the nationally syndicated Scott Adams Show, a political radio talk show that airs live each and every morning at 8AM EST. Mr. Adams’ professional background includes over 25 years as an entrepreneur working within various Information Technology markets and as an internet pioneer. He holds a B.S. in Political Science and Marketing from Old Dominion University. His focus on conservative politics includes a passion to promote smaller government, end government corruption, and shine a spotlight on media bias in our mainstream media. Mr. Adams passions in addition to politics and technology include group road cycling, sea kayaking, downhill skiing, and collegiate and international freestyle wrestling. Mr. Adams is available for speaking engagements focused on foreign policy, Middle East strategy, election strategy, domestic policy, and social justice issues.

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UK: Record Number Of Migrants Crossing English Channel

UK: Record Number Of Migrants Crossing English Channel Authored by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute, Nearly a thousand migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East have attempted to cross the English Channel on small boats in just one day to illegally get into the United Kingdom. The record-breaking surge in illegal crossings is being facilitated by warm weather and calm seas. The British government is struggling to stop the crossings — partly because of its need for cooperation from France. British authorities have repeatedly accused their French counterparts of not doing enough to stop small boats from leaving French territorial waters. Although the UK has pledged to pay France tens of millions of pounds to stop migrants crossing the Channel, French naval vessels are accused of escorting small boats into British waters. French officials counter that the UK has not done enough to reduce the incentives that act as a magnet for migrants: not only are newcomers showered with generous social welfare benefits, but the UK’s decision to scrap national identity cards, combined with its sizeable shadow economy, makes it easy for illegal immigrants to find work. On September 6, 785 migrants entered the UK illegally after crossing the English Channel, according to official statistics compiled by Migration Watch UK, a British think tank. It was the second-highest number of daily arrivals since a record-breaking 828 migrants reached the UK on August 21. The previous daily record was 482 migrants who crossed the Channel on August 4, according to the BBC. A record-breaking 3,510 migrants reached the UK by boat in July 2021. More than 14,500 migrants have crossed the Channel in around 600 small boats so far in 2021, surpassing the 8,713 arrivals (in 650 boats) during all of 2020, according to Migration Watch, which notes that the actual number of arrivals is probably far higher

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Kabul Should Not Forget: “Turkey Was A Major Part Of The NATO Mission In Afghanistan”

Kabul Should Not Forget: “Turkey Was A Major Part Of The NATO Mission In Afghanistan” Authored by Lindsey Snell via TheCradle.co, Turkish President Erdogan intends to play a role in post-conflict Afghanistan. But are his ambitions ‘Neo-Ottoman’ and Islamist, in service of NATO, or wrapped around his 2023 electoral goals? Prior to the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan last month, Ankara had sought to promote dialogue and cooperation with the insurgent group, in particular, to ensure Turkey maintains a role in the operation of the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. Turkish troops provided security at the Kabul airport during the NATO occupation of Afghanistan, and are currently in talks with Qatar and the Taliban over security and management operations. In a speech on 20 July, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan insisted the Taliban would have an easier time communicating with Turkey than they had in dealing with the United States. “Turkey sees nothing wrong with [the Taliban’s] faith. I think that we can agree with them that we will discuss these issues better.” In a bizarre reference to the mission of his NATO allies in Afghanistan – of which Turkey was an active participant since 2001 – Erdogan continued to say: “These imperial powers entered Afghanistan. They have been there for more than 20 years. And we stood by our Afghan brothers in the face of all these imperial powers, and continued our struggle to protect the Kabul airport with them.” However, as Hişyar Özsoy, member of Parliament and Foreign Affairs spokesman for Turkey’s opposition HDP (Halkların Demokratik Partisi, Turkish for the Peoples’ Democratic Party) pointed out: “Turkey was a major part of the NATO mission in Afghanistan.” “But given that the West in general,” Özsoy continued to say, “and the US in particular, do not want to stay

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If Only We Could Find A Cure For Trump Derangement Syndrome

If Only We Could Find A Cure For Trump Derangement Syndrome Authored by James Bowman, op-ed via The Epoch Times, The disease in its pandemic form is far from over. Our former hopes of its eradication and a return to normalcy in the new year now appear forlorn. We shall just have to live with it for the forseeable future, it seems. The president, it’s true, has told us that, although the virus “has been hitting this country hard, we have the tools to combat the virus, if we can come together as a country and use those tools.” But he was only talking about the coronavirus and not the much-less controllable but equally virulent virus causing Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) on a near-pandemic scale. That is something against which we appear to have no “tools” at all. Indeed, the president himself is an unrelieved sufferer from “long” TDS, as he showed in this same speech by enthusiastically participating in the “pandemic politics” he decried in others and implying that former President Donald Trump’s efforts against the coronavirus—including Operation Warp Speed, which developed the vaccines he was now mandating—had been unavailing until he came along. By thus politicizing his own anti-COVID efforts, did he somehow imagine he was going to persuade vaccine skeptics to trust themselves to his good faith in recommending them to get immunized? Of course, it’s no surprise to learn that this president’s case of TDS is a terminal one, but the disease struck again two days later in an unexpected place, Shanksville, Pennsylvania. There, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the terror attacks on New York and Washington of Sept. 11, 2001, former President George W. Bush strongly implied that he had chosen to align himself with one of the worst of the hallucinations caused by

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