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Immigration Reform

immigrationreformThe protection of our homeland is the cornerstone of our policy. We believe in strong borders and immigration reform which provides a pathway to citizenship to those who arrive in our country legally. We advocate for a strong military which receives appropriate funding to recruit the best and the brightest to serve in our military branches including the Army, The Navy, The Airforce, and the newly minted Space Force. We adhere to a policy that honors and supports our retired veterans and their families. We support the fortification of our electronic borders through cyber security.

Large Migrant Group in Del Rio Sector QqWTv2

Del Rio Sector Becoming Busiest for Illegal Border Crossings, Says Chief

A massive migrant surge in the Del Rio Sector is threatening to make this the busiest of the nine southwest Border Patrol sectors, according to Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens. With approximately 4,000 apprehended over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend and nearly 1,000 more on Tuesday, the Del Rio Sector is leading the Rio Grande Valley Sector for January apprehensions.

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FBI Raids Home, Campaign Office Of Democrat Biden Critic Rep. Henry Cuellar

FBI Raids Home, Campaign Office Of Democrat Biden Critic Rep. Henry Cuellar The FBI on Wednesday raided the home and campaign office of Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), a frequent critic of President Joe Biden. According to the Texas Tribune, FBI spokesperson Rosanne Hughes said authorities were “conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity,” and had appeared to seize evidence from the Democratic lawmaker’s home. In a statement, Cuellar’s office told the Tribune: “Congressman Cuellar will fully cooperate in any investigation. He is committed to ensuring that justice and the law are upheld.” Agents spent what appeared to be several hours at Cuellar’s home according to Texas reporter Valerie Gonzalez, who tweeted that agents had “loaded large bags, plastic bins, and a computer into a federal vehicle.” FBI still present at the home of Rep. Henry Cuellar’s in Laredo. https://t.co/CYOyJVSSGJ pic.twitter.com/N8rGyZVpNz — Valerie Gonzalez (@ValOnTheBorder) January 19, 2022 Something new: Federal agents were also at the campaign HQ office this afternoon. It wasn’t included in the FBI statement, but two of the vehicles seen there at 4:20 pm later showed up at the residence. An agent wearing an FBI jacket climbed out of one. pic.twitter.com/60oefRoBAS — Valerie Gonzalez (@ValOnTheBorder) January 20, 2022 Agents just wrapped it up and everyone left. pic.twitter.com/xPWjKEeTkk — Valerie Gonzalez (@ValOnTheBorder) January 20, 2022 In office since 2004, Cuellar has frequently sided with Republicans – including a November call to replace Vice President Kamala Harris as “border czar.”  As Zachary Stieber of The Epoch Times notes: Cuellar, considered a moderate, has been a frequent critic of Biden’s lax immigration enforcement policies, which experts say have contributed to the explosion in illegal immigration recorded since Biden took office one year ago. Under the Democrat, the most illegal immigrant apprehensions at the southwest border were recorded for both a fiscal year

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